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Cravedi Rettifiche srl has been operating for over 70 years in Treviso in the field of precision mechanics, dealing with automotive repair and service.

In 1967, following the increasing weight of mechanical work on the engines, the company inaugurated its new headquarters in the sorroundings of Treviso, specializing in the engines grinding, construction and balancing of drive shafts and many other working of vehicles of all kinds. Its machine tools fleet increased and there is a functional spare parts warehouse that can provide daily spare parts of all kinds and brand.
Specialized staff with great experience guarantees the quality of the wide range of services.
The company is associated to FIR, the Italian Federation of Engine Grinders, Repairers and Reconstructors, from the foundation.

In the early 90s Cravedi Rettifiche acquires new CNC machines, serving also as a supplier of parts and components for industrial use. Customers expand including major private companies and multinational companies together with public transportation and military agencies, as well as the numerous workshops and enthusiasts of engines and vintage cars that right here have found valuable assistance for the recovery of the mechanical part of their vehicle.

Since 2000, the company's quality system is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001, pursuing every year a policy of continuous improvement.